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Nashville Wedding Video : Kelly + Brandon

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Kelly and Brandon actually met during a job interview process - a mutual friend suggested that they “meet” over the phone, and after an hour-long phone call, they knew an instant connection was happening. In the midst of dating bliss, Brandon took Kelly on a trip to Chicago - one of their favorite cities! As they strolled down North Avenue Beach, he dropped to one knee and asked her to join his world forever. She said yes. Brandon even had a photographer ready to snap some engagement photos in a few of their favorite Chicago spots!

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This happy couple wanted their wedding to feel special, but not stuffy - more like a fancy dinner party with friends than a stiff, formal event. The Cordelle was the perfect spot for a fun, family-friendly day. Their day was light-hearted and filled with depth at the same time, and the room was filled with love from their families and close friends as they joined their lives together. 

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Looking back on their wedding day, Kelly says she’ll never forget Brandon’s face when she walked down the aisle - her favorite moment of the whole day. We also loved the unique ways the couple involved Brandon’s son Rylan in their big day, and having him included in their vows was a sweet family moment. We loved working with Kelly and Brandon, and we wish their new little family all the best for a lifetime to come. 

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Venue: The Cordelle 

Planner: Sarah Goude - Regalo Design 

Photographer: Nyk + Cali  

Hair & Makeup: Callie Jeffries - Hunter Paige Salon 

Florals: Regalo Design 

Catering: Flavor Catering 

Cake: Baked in Nashville 

Band/DJ: Emerald Empire 

Rentals: Southern Events 

Transportation: Regalo Design 

Dress: Inbal Dror 

Suit: Indochino 

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Nashville Wedding Video : Mekenzie + Austin

nashville wedding video

Austin and Mekenzie met at a 2013 football game, cheering on their Auburn Tigers - sort of. Austin was as excited as the rest of the student section, but as he scanned the crowd, he found one girl sitting down. And even though he couldn’t understand why, he was intrigued. So when he saw her again at the National Championship, he knew he had to get to know her.

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After dating through the rest of college and scoring the hard-earned approval of both families, Mekenzie and Austin were doing some pre-Christmas shopping. She noticed he was acting a little strange, but she figured he just wasn’t happy with being out in the mall crowds. Little did she know that on their walk to dinner, he would pull an engagement ring out of his shoe and ask her to marry him! Of course, she said yes. They headed back home, where all of their friends and family had already gathered to celebrate!

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The happy couple said “I do” at the Foxhall Resort on May 26, 2018. Their day was rustic, but elegant - and even though the forecast called for rain, it turned out to be a gorgeous day to begin the rest of their lives together. Looking back on their wedding, Mekenzie’s favorite moment was their first look - away from the hustle and bustle of the day, the couple got to cherish a few quiet moments together before becoming husband and wife. Austin remembers the joy of having all their family and friends together in one room to honor their marriage and have fun!

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Working with Mekenzie and Austin was a blast. We wanted to meet their dream video goal of capturing everything beautifully without taking away from the fun and meaningful moments of the day. We’re so glad they have a video to reminisce on for years to come, and we wish them all the best in their marriage!

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Venue: Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club

Planner: Evermore Weddings and Events, Candace Frank

Photographer: Be Light Photography, Hannah Miller

Hair & Makeup: Hair: The Moore Agency, Make up: Kori Bachman

Florals: Bloomin Bouquets

Catering: Simply Catering

Cake: Pastry Shells, Shelly Nunnally

Band/DJ: The Atlanta Wedding Band

Rentals: Unlimited Rentals

Transportation: Atlantic Transportation and Kevin Egan Transportation

Dress: Kelly’s Closet

Suit: The Black Tux

All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.


Nashville Wedding Video : Tayler + Max

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Tayler and Max met in middle school, started dating in high school, and never looked back. They just knew they’d found the one. After nine years together, the couple decided to just do small gifts for Christmas. Tayler got Max a Tennessee Vols ornament. Max got Tayler an engagement ring. It have have technically fit the bill for a “small gift”, but it was the very best gift of her life!

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When Tayler and Max tied the knot on May 19th, they chose Graystone Quarry as the perfect venue - elegant, but easygoing, with beautiful views to boot. The day was filled with love from start to finish. When the couple looks back on their perfect day, they remember so many perfect moments - sweet ones, like Tayler’s dad when he saw his girl in her wedding dress for the first time, and funny ones, like the dance moves some of their guests busted out at the reception. They thought they’d be nervous on the big day, but they looked at each other as the ceremony closed and whispered, “That was perfect.”

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We thought the day was perfect, too - and we’re so glad we got to be a part of it! Max and Tayler loved that our video team made the process comfortable, knowing we’d capture their day without encroaching on their time or space. We’re so happy for you two!

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Venue: Graystone Quarry

Planner: Emily Lindsey

Photographer: Teale Gunter

Hair & Makeup: Parlour 3/ Cali Jeffries

Floral: Enchanted Florist

Catering: Chef Penelope

Cake: Dessert Designs- Leland Riggans

Band/DJ: Burning Las Vegas/ DJ- Premier- The Entertainment Company

Rentals: Southern Events Party Rental

Transportation: Matchless Transportation

Dress: Posh Bridal/ Matthew Christopher

Suit: Men's Wearhouse

 “All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.”


Nashville Wedding Video : Emery + Marshall

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Don’t be surprised if Emery and Marshall’s story becomes the next great romantic comedy in Hollywood. It goes a little something like this: Girl moves to a new town, doesn’t know a soul, and runs out of gas. She heads to the nearby dog park with her goldendoodle, hoping to find a friendly face. Girl meets boy, who happens to have a pup, too, of course. The dogs become best friends - and the people? They fall in love.

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Marshall and Emery’s love story only grew as time passed, and when Emery had to head to a new city for six weeks for job training, Marshall planned a special date before she left town. On the date, he seemed nervous. Emery didn’t know what was going on with him - that is, not until he got on one knee in the Oklahoma City botanical gardens and asked her to marry him. She said yes, of course, and they headed to the restaurant, where both of their families were waiting!

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Emery and Marshall chose her grandparents’ home for their wedding day, transforming their backyard into a stunning secret garden. It was the perfect backdrop to an intimate ceremony with those the couple cherishes most. Emery loves remembering Marshall’s face as she walked down the aisle, and all the butterflies hidden in the wedding day decor - special nods to her father, who had passed away a few years prior. Emery’s mom even surprised the couple with their favorite painter at the reception, who painted the gorgeous scene as they swayed to their first dance. Working with Emery and Marshall was such a dream - even though they said they barely noticed our cameras all day! - and we’re excited to give them a video that will help them relive their magical day forever.

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Venue: Bride's Grandparents' Home

Planner: Big Events Inc

Photographer: Greg and Jess Smit Photography

Hair & Makeup: Hunter Paige by Parlour 3; hair: Katie Archer makeup: Saskia Harmon

Florals:  Big Events Inc

Catering: STF Catering

Cake: Dessert Designs

Band/DJ: DJ Chris Faulk

Rentals: Liberty Rentals

Transportation: Stewart Parking

Dress: Romona Keveža

Suit: Jos. A Bank

 “All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.”


Nashville Wedding Video : Kelsey + Lin

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Kelsey and Lin grew up in the South, but met after finding their way to New York City. They quickly discovered they had mutual friends, mutual likes, and similar upbringings - and they never looked back! On their two year anniversary, Lin surprised Kelsey with an evening out at the Marlton Hotel. He got down on one knee, and she said yes as downtown Manhattan sparkled in the background. Even better - Lin surprised Kelsey by flying in her mom and sisters and inviting all of their friends to celebrate their engagement right there in the hotel!

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When Kelsey and Lin tied the knot on April 14, 2018, they wanted their day to feel festive and free, with an air of unstructured romance. They planned a day that would feel “thrown together” in the very best of ways, in the beautiful rustic setting that Cedarwood Weddings provides. Looking back on their wedding, Kelsey and Lin cherish their first look the most. Having a quiet moment to appreciate the best day of their lives together is a memory they’ll always hold close. Kelsey also loved Lin’s surprise musical number - singing “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” while playing the keyboard!

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nashville wedding florals, nashville wedding videography, matt g video 

Kelsey and Lin’s wedding was gorgeous - from the cakes to the flowers to the joy of every single person in the room. We’re so grateful we got to play a part in their wedding, and we’re even happier to hear that they plan to watch their wedding video over and over in the years to come.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 7.18.48 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 7.16.30 PM.png

 Venue: Cedarwood Weddings

Planner: Cedarwood Weddings

Photographer: Parker Young

Hair & Makeup: The Blowout Co

Florals: Cedarwood Weddings

Catering: Actual Food Co

Cake: Patty Cakes

Band/DJ: Music City Sound

Rentals: Cedarwood

Transportation: Anchor Transportation

Dress: Mira Zwillinger

Suit: The Black Tux

“All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.”


Nashville Wedding Video : Cecilia + Ronnie

matt g video, nashville wedding video 
Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 6.40.37 PM.png

Cecilia and Ronnie met at Gold’s Gym and quickly fell for each other. After two years together, the couple took a trip out to Denver to visit Cecilia’s sister. Since it was her family trip, she didn’t suspect much - but after a beautiful hike up St. Mary’s Glacier, she turned around to see Ronnie down on one knee. She was surprised, but of course, she said, “Yes!”

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 6.42.29 PM.png
nashville wedding, wedding florals, matt g video, nashville wedding video 

At East Ivy Mansion in Nashville, Tennessee, Cecilia and Ronnie tied the knot in a whimsical, elegant outdoor ceremony. Looking back on March 31, 2018, they remember their vows as the sweetest moment of their perfect day - filled with emotion as they got to make their commitment to one another with the support of so many people they both love.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 6.39.09 PM.png

They danced the night away in a garden sprinkled with hanging lanterns - a perfect end to a beautiful day. We really loved being a part of this one, and we’re wishing the happy couple a lifetime of love!

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 6.40.14 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 6.43.58 PM.png

Venue: East Ivy Mansion
Planner: Jonathan Corbitt - JC Events
Photographer: Eden Ingle
Hair & Makeup: Hair- Kirby Rimmer (Studio Gaven) / Makeup - Abby Kimble (Bellezza Salon)
Florals: J. Botanica
Catering: Chef Penelope
Cake: Homestyle Bakery
Band/DJ: Entertain!
Rentals: Music City Tents & Events
Dress: the Spoiled Lady
Suit: Jos. A. Bank

“All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.”