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Nashville Wedding Video : Natalie + Andrew

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Natalie and Andrew met in college at Georgia Tech. They ran into each other one night at a friend’s party, and “I’ll walk you home” turned into chatting on the front steps until the sun came up - and they never looked back. A few happy years later, the couple found themselves vacationing in Santorini. As they stood on their balcony, overlooking the ocean and discussing plans to meet a friend for dinner, Andrew changed the conversation - and both of their lives - by asking Natalie to marry him! The friend who was supposed to be waiting at the restaurant was a few houses down, capturing photos of every special moment.

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Neverland Farms felt like a magical greenhouse the first time Natalie and Andrew stepped inside, and they wanted their wedding day to feel the same way. They decorated with fun vintage elements like mismatched cake plates, antique glassware, and Victorian mirrors, and even drove away in a vintage car! With bright jewel tones that popped in the rustic venue, it was a beautiful day, down to the last detail.

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Thinking back on their wedding day, Natalie and Andrew remember so many special moments, from reciting the vows they wrote to one another to watching their guests dance under a canopy of plants and twinkling lights at the reception. Magical is truly the perfect word to describe this happy couple’s first day as husband and wife.

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We’re thrilled that Natalie and Andrew chose us to video their wedding day. They loved that we were able to capture footage without anyone even realizing - and we loved getting to be a part of such a gorgeous event for a great couple. We know they have so many good years ahead, and we hope they’ll look back on their wedding video and cherish those memories for the rest of their lives.

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Venue: Neverland Farms

Planner: Suzy Tebor (Neverland Farms Owner)

Photographer: Justen Clay Photography

Hair: Taylor Niele Hair

Makeup: Carrie Roser

Florals: Gertie Mae Floral Studio

Catering: Neverland Farms

Cake: Sugartopia Bakery

Band: Diamond River Band

DJ: Dione Hanron (Neverland Farms)

Transportation: Wyatt Pete, Classic Car Limousine Services

Dress: Leanne Marshall from The Sentimentalist

Suit: Indochino

All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.


Nashville Wedding Video : Mandie + Jonathan

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In 2013, Jonathan was headed to visit his best friend for Thanksgiving. When Mandie showed up to her house (which she shared with the best friend), she was greeted by a bulldog at the door and Jonathan shortly after. He charmed her into a first date that same week, and a few day visit quickly turned into a few weeks, as the couple fell for each other more and more. Jonathan left for Afghanistan after Christmas, but thanks to Skype, their love only grew stronger during their time apart.

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Whenever Jonathan got time to come home, he and Mandie would walk through Piedmont Park in Atlanta with their dogs. In 2017, he planned the most special walk of all. On a water break for the pups, he dropped to one knee and asked Mandie to marry him. She said yes, of course - and she and the dogs were very excited.

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The happy couple wanted a classic, glamorous Southern wedding. They woke up to rainy skies, but by wedding time, the sun joined them for a perfect fall afternoon at a stunning venue. Looking back on their wedding day, Mandie and Jonathan are so glad they did a first look! They’ll always remember the look on each other’s faces, knowing forever was about to begin. A private moment for the two of them to cherish calmed their nerves and prepared them for the most special day of their lives.

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We loved filming this gorgeous wedding day, and we’re so glad Mandie and Jonathan had a blast with us, too! They said our calm way of working even when it seemed like everything else was total chaos settled the day down, and we’re glad! (Hey, it’s not our first wedding rodeo.) We hope Mandie and Jonathan can watch the video and cherish their wedding over and over in the years to come.

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Venue: Big Canoe / Chimneys, Clubhouse and Chapel

Planner: Lex Events

Photographer: Kate Belle

Makeup: Flawless Beauty Atlanta by Alicia Stevens

Hair: Joy Robbin from Aveda

Florals: Southern Peach Florals

Catering: Executive Chef Hector Rosano, Big Canoe

Cake: Cakes on Main

Band/DJ: DJ Newk from D Street Entertainment

Rentals: Chimneys

Transportation: Mike Posey personal driver- car owner

Dress: Morilee by Madeline Gardner; Milly

Suit: Square Threads; Custom tuxedo

All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.


Nashville Wedding Video : Mekenzie + Austin

nashville wedding video

Austin and Mekenzie met at a 2013 football game, cheering on their Auburn Tigers - sort of. Austin was as excited as the rest of the student section, but as he scanned the crowd, he found one girl sitting down. And even though he couldn’t understand why, he was intrigued. So when he saw her again at the National Championship, he knew he had to get to know her.

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After dating through the rest of college and scoring the hard-earned approval of both families, Mekenzie and Austin were doing some pre-Christmas shopping. She noticed he was acting a little strange, but she figured he just wasn’t happy with being out in the mall crowds. Little did she know that on their walk to dinner, he would pull an engagement ring out of his shoe and ask her to marry him! Of course, she said yes. They headed back home, where all of their friends and family had already gathered to celebrate!

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The happy couple said “I do” at the Foxhall Resort on May 26, 2018. Their day was rustic, but elegant - and even though the forecast called for rain, it turned out to be a gorgeous day to begin the rest of their lives together. Looking back on their wedding, Mekenzie’s favorite moment was their first look - away from the hustle and bustle of the day, the couple got to cherish a few quiet moments together before becoming husband and wife. Austin remembers the joy of having all their family and friends together in one room to honor their marriage and have fun!

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Working with Mekenzie and Austin was a blast. We wanted to meet their dream video goal of capturing everything beautifully without taking away from the fun and meaningful moments of the day. We’re so glad they have a video to reminisce on for years to come, and we wish them all the best in their marriage!

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Venue: Foxhall Resort and Sporting Club

Planner: Evermore Weddings and Events, Candace Frank

Photographer: Be Light Photography, Hannah Miller

Hair & Makeup: Hair: The Moore Agency, Make up: Kori Bachman

Florals: Bloomin Bouquets

Catering: Simply Catering

Cake: Pastry Shells, Shelly Nunnally

Band/DJ: The Atlanta Wedding Band

Rentals: Unlimited Rentals

Transportation: Atlantic Transportation and Kevin Egan Transportation

Dress: Kelly’s Closet

Suit: The Black Tux

All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.