Matt Giesler

Matt G Video began with nothing more than a Canon t2i, a 50mm lens, and a favor for a friend. Six hours and $200 later, Matt was so excited about the experience, he went home and pieced together a wedding highlight film that very night. His friends were overjoyed. The film quickly picked up steam on social media and gathered over 1000 views in a matter of days. It was clear that Matt had found a talent... This was no ordinary wedding video! As the encouragement poured in, Matt continued to film weddings for friends and family. In it's first official year, Matt G Video filmed just 13 weddings, and has grown consistently since, now filming over 60 weddings in 2015.

Since that very first wedding, the gear has been enormously upgraded, the team has grown to include a slew of talented individuals, but the original passion for storytelling remains. Matt G Video is a group of filmmakers with the tremendous responsibility of telling the story of the best moment of your lives and telling it well. There are currently 12 people that make MGV one of the best wedding film companies in the United States.  We are suckers for a good Father-of-the-Bride speech and that moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time always gets to us too.  We genuinely love telling the story of your big day. Thank you for letting us be a part!