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Nashville Wedding Video : Cassie + Miles

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Cassie and Miles actually met when he briefly moved in with his sister - who happened to be Cassie’s roommate! Miles did move away, but after two years apart, the pair found themselves missing one another, and their long distance relationship began. The drive from Knoxville to Nashville was growing longer and longer with each trip, so when Cassie came to visit Miles for Christmas in 2017, he took her on a stroll through the sparkling lights of Cheekwood Gardens, and then gave her something even sparklier - a gorgeous engagement ring.  

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The couple wanted a wedding with a touch of sophistication and a whole lot of fun, and this day truly was a blast from morning to night. With details like glow stick sunglasses and friends being seated by fantasy football team, Cassie and Miles really made this day their own in all the best ways. In the craziness of the wedding day, the couple remembers their first look being a tender, special moment. To have a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle to just be together, taking in the best day of their lives, is something they’ll never forget.

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We loved working with these two, and we’re so glad they love their wedding video. Here are a few kind words from Cassie: “Working with Matt was wonderful. He brought great energy to compliment the craziness of the day, all while remaining calm and working well with my photographer. He was one of the best vendors I decided to choose. Our video is exactly what I wanted, and it’s one of the things I'll cherish the most for years to come.” We wish you a lifetime of happiness ahead, Miles and Cassie!

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Venue: The Standard

Planner: Absolute Wedding Perfection

Photographer: Erin Morrison Photography

Hair & Makeup: Courtney Best & Amber Searle

Florals: Southern Sands Designs

Catering: Sweet P's

Cake: Bee's Knees Bakery

Band/DJ: Joey Tack

Rentals: Rothchild Rentals

Dress: Posh Bridal

Suit: Prestige

All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.


Nashville Wedding Video : Hannah + Rick

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Hannah and Rick’s friends set them up in college. When their love survived the UNC / NC State rivalry, they knew they could make it through anything. After living in Nashville for a few years as Hannah worked through law school, they decided to celebrate with a trip to Europe. Hannah thought she would come home with some European memories and a passing grade for the bar, but Rick thought he’d give her one more thing - a ring. He proposed at the top of the London Eye, and she (of course) said yes!

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Their Belle Meade Plantation wedding was romantic, elegant, and intimate - a Nashville dream. Friends picked up Hannah’s gorgeous train as they skirted mud puddles from a rainy fall morning, but the skies cleared just in time for a beautiful ceremony. Looking back on their wedding day now, Hannah and Rick are most thankful that they set aside a few minutes between ceremony and reception just to be together, take a deep breath, and take it all in. Wedding days can certainly be crazy, but this couple enjoyed it all. We especially loved watching them tear up the dance floor with their friends!

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We loved working with Hannah and Rick - even though they said later that they barely noticed us all day! We’re happy to be those inconspicuous people behind the scenes on your wedding day, so that we can give you the highlights to treasure for years to come. All the best to you, Hannah and Rick! We’re so glad we got to spend your wedding day with you.

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Venue: Belle Meade Plantation

Planner: Helen Morisette

Photographer: Tausha Ann Photography

Hair & Makeup: Amanda Gros

Florals: English Garden by Terry White

Catering: Ribbons of Chocolate

Cake: Dessert Designs by Leland

Band/DJ: Biz and Everyday People

Transportation: Matchless Transportation

Dress: Mikaella Bridal, from Glitz Nashville

Suit: Street Tuxedo

All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.


Nashville Wedding Video : Hanna + Fran

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Hanna and Fran met in college at The University of Tennessee. After graduation, their jobs landed them in Nashville and they’ve loved growing up and falling deeper in love in this city. On their 3rd anniversary, Fran took Hanna to Centennial Park for a walk before dinner at Maggiano’s, where they had their first date. He got down on one knee overlooking the beautiful pond, and friends were hiding nearby to snap photos as Hanna said yes! After dinner, Fran had one last surprise for Hanna - both of their families, along with a handful of dear friends, were waiting at the L27 rooftop bar to celebrate their engagement!

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Fran and Hanna wanted a classic southern wedding, and the Nashville elegance of Riverwood Mansion was the perfect spot to bring their dreams to life. Their wedding was rooted in family, with special touches from their parents, including Hanna’s family wedding gown, sprinkled throughout the day.

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Of all the special moments from their first day as husband and wife, the couple most remembers cutting the cake, looking out at all their loved ones gathered in the same space, and being overjoyed at just how perfect their day was.

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We loved working with Hanna and Fran! Customizing their video package to include aerial footage and other unique shots to perfectly capture their dream wedding was a blast for us. We’re wishing them a lifetime of happiness together!

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Venue: Riverwood Mansion

Planner: Riverwood Team

Photographer: Lauren Athalia

Hair & Makeup: Hunter Paige by Parlour 3

Florals: Enchanted Florals

Catering: Lavender Lane

Cake: Lavender Lane & Katelin Hayes Desserts

Band/DJ: Emerald Empire Band

Transportation: Matchless Transportation

Dress: Ceremony: Family Gown, Reception: Willow Bride

Suit: Street Tuxedo

All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.


Nashville Wedding Video : Demi + Lorne

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Demi and Lorne spent their childhoods right next to one another - and never knew it until they met, twenty years and a thousand miles later, in Boston.  They met at a mutual friends’ show and bonded instantly over their love of music. They soon found out that music was just one of many things they loved - and in time, they grew to love each other most of all. When Lorne popped the question, he planned the perfect setup: a gorgeous view of LA from their favorite hiking spot, a sweet serenade by a favorite artist of theirs, and their pup, Riggins, there to celebrate Demi’s “yes”!

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 8.59.31 AM.png

Lorne and Demi wanted a wedding that felt magical and cozy, like a glamorous campsite you’d never want to leave. Rainy weather turned their day into a three part ceremony, but somehow, it still felt exactly right. With gorgeous florals, rustic design, and the love of friends and family around them, Demi and Lorne danced their way into their new life together. The day was free and fun, with memorable moments around every corner. They even chose a cookie cake for the reception. (We like their style.)

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 8.46.46 AM.png

This couple was genuinely a blast to work with. We loved trading creative ideas with Demi and Lorne and capturing the magic of their day on video for them to treasure in the years to come. One of Demi’s favorite moments (and ours, too!) was sneaking back to the ceremony site to grab some footage of the happy couple, dancing alone under the stars. We’re so glad we got to shoot this special day, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness.

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Venue: Saddle Woods Farm

Planner: Laurie D’Anne Events

Photographer: Nyk + Cali

Hair & Makeup: Hair: Franki Nash, Makeup: E.K. Studios

Florals: Petals & Fields

Catering: G Catering

Cake: Baked on 8th

Band/DJ: 12 South Band

Dress: Fabulous Frocks

Suit: Levy's

All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.


Nashville Wedding Video : Carly + Kyle

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Kyle and Carly met in dental school. Carly would work as a dental hygienist for Kyle’s patients whenever she could, and as they got to know one another, they only wanted to spend more and more time with one another. From their first date on, they were inseparable. On a trip to California wine country, they realized that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together - and Kyle started to plan.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 1.20.14 PM.png
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One week after moving to Nashville to be with Carly, Kyle drove her out to Arrington Vineyards. Knowing that wine country held such special memories for them, it was only fitting for him to propose with a beautiful custom ring on the hillside overlooking the vineyards in their now hometown. Friends were hiding to capture the moment with photos, of course - and after Carly said yes, they headed to her parents’ home, where friends and family were waiting to celebrate with them!

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 1.23.06 PM.png
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Carly and Kyle wanted a timeless, elegant wedding day, and Saddle Woods Farm was the perfect spot. Even when the rain started to pour, the day was perfect - the barn was cozy, and it was the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous neutral colors they’d chosen. During their first look, any worries of frustrations about weather melted away - they were  getting ready to marry the love of their lives, and it was going to be perfect.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 1.22.38 PM.png

Looking back, it’s the little details that Carly and Kyle hold dear. Carly remembers stepping into her wedding dress and knowing it was the perfect choice. She also remembers the tender first dance she had with her dad, knowing that he was proud of the man she’d chosen to marry. Kyle remembers being surprised with a donut board his brother handcrafted for their reception - especially because donuts are his favorite. We loved working with Carly and Kyle, and we’re so happy with their video. Even with the rain, their day was beautiful, and it’s easy to capture the love so apparent between these two. We hope they treasure their highlight film forever!

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 1.27.22 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 1.23.41 PM.png

Venue: Saddle Woods Farm

Planner: Helen Morisette

Photographer: Eden Ingle

Hair & Makeup: Sarah Beth Gibson (hair) Hope Gentry Miller (make up)

Florals: English Garden by Terry White

Catering: Ribbon of Chocolate

Cake: Nothing Bunt Cakes

Band/DJ: Timothy Hiber

Rentals: Nashville Audio/Visual and Southern Events

Transportation: Matchless

Dress: The White Room

Suit: The Groomsman Suit

All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.


Nashville Wedding Video : Brooke + Cannon

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Brooke and Cannon met at a fundraising auction in 2015. As soon as Brooke walked in, Cannon knew he’d found a special woman. As the prizes were being announced, he leaned over and said, "If I win this brunch, will you go with me?" She responded, “Sure.”Cannon didn’t win the brunch - but ultimately, he won the girl. The couple started dating a few weeks later, and the rest was history.

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.59.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 5.11.00 PM.png

Sixteen months later, Brooke and Jason headed to “meet some friends” near the monuments in DC. But to Brooke’s surprise, there were no friends at their meeting spot - just Cannon, one one knee, with a ring. She said yes, of course! The happy couple headed to The Dubliner, where friends and family were waiting with open arms and plenty of champagne!

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 7.59.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 5.53.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 5.52.24 PM.png

When Brooke and Cannon were searching for the best location for their dream wedding, Nashville, with all its energy and heart, was a perfect fit. The Cordelle’s beautiful wood floors, aged original brick, iron elements, and southern style deck set the perfect stage for a November ceremony. The couple added a personal touch to every aspect of the day - from candlelight and greenery to incredible food and cornhole on the lawn. They even ordered late night pizza during the reception!

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 5.15.13 PM.png

Looking back on their special day, Brooke and Cannon remember the entire day exploding with the support and kindness of all those they love most - and their love for each other deepening with every moment. They remember the morning storms clearing for the perfect outdoor afternoon wedding, and savoring every moment they got to be together, just the two of them, in the midst of their crazy and wonderful day. Brooke and Cannon are so much fun, and we loved getting to capture their wedding day. Cheers to the happy couple! We wish you many more years of adventures to come.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 6.04.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 5.19.25 PM.png

 Venue: The Cordelle

Planner: Summer Sheldon

Photographer: Brad & Jen

Hair & Makeup: One10 Beauty

Florals: Forget Me Not Designs

Catering: Susan's Catering

Desserts: Susan's Catering

Band/DJ: Snyder Entertainment - DJ Kam

Rentals: Southern Events

Transportation: Hello Trolley

Dress: Calla Blanche

Suit: Suit Supply

 “All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.”


Nashville Wedding Video : Lauren + Michael

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 7.39.14 PM.png

Michael and Lauren met on 1/11/11, during their freshman year of college - but it was a few years later, on a medical mission trip to Peru, that their bond truly strengthened. After that trip, they were inseparable. As they grew closer, their favorite pastime became long walks, talking and learning more and more about each other - and falling in love.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 7.37.29 PM.png

Just before Christmas 2016, Michael planned their most special walk around Nashville ever, strolling through the gorgeous lights at Cheekwood before ending at Lipscomb University, their alma mater. Lauren walked  up to a candlelit table only a few yards away from where they first met filled with photos and a chalkboard easel that said "Will you marry me?” (Hint: she said yes.)

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 7.37.56 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 7.39.00 PM.png

Michael and Lauren wanted a classic autumn wedding with a timeless look and feel. They got married on 11/11/17 (keeping the 1 theme from the night they first met),  in a gorgeous venue with wide open windows that allowed in the gentle sunlight and put the fall leaves on display. Every detail of their special day was thoughtfully put together - a map of Peru, photo collages, coffee & donut puns, and handmade wedding favors injected so much of Michael and Lauren’s personality into the celebration.

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 7.40.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 7.40.55 PM.png

Looking back on their wedding, Lauren and Michael loved every celebratory, fun moment, but it’s a quiet one that sticks out the most. Their first look was so special. Michael says he can still hear Lauren’s wedding dress sliding down each stair and hear her shoes on the hardwood floors as she walked toward him for the first time on that day. Both of their nerves melted away once they saw each other - they knew the best part of their lives was about to begin. We loved working with this sweet couple, and we wish them a lifelong “happily ever after.”

Venue: Christ Presbyterian Church / Brentwood Country Club

Planner: Alex Kournetas from Vision in White Events

Photographer: Erin Turner Photography

Hair & Makeup: Shani Gailbreath

Florals: Fresh Weddings by CarryAnn

Catering: Brentwood Country Club

Cake: Nashville Sweets

DJ: Nashville Party Authority

Dress: Allure Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses:  Azazie

Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

“All photos contained in this blog are property of Matt G Video and are not a representation of the photography produced at this event.”